Frequently Asked Questions

Membership FAQs

We mean it when we say your athlete will train like a pro at Triple F. As soon as your athlete is a part of the Triple F Family, they will be scheduled for a full athletic assessment that will serve as a baseline for development through their individualized programming. On-top of multiple detailed assessments per year, your athlete will have unlimited access to pre and post workout nutrition, specialized mobility and recovery tools, nutrition coaching, and a sports medicine team on site.

Scheduling FAQs

We offer open gym hours at various times throughout the week and on weekends to accommodate busy practice and school schedules.

A tutorial on how to schedule through the portal can be found here: 

Group training sessions are 75-90 minutes depending on the athlete’s needs and what phase of the season they are in.

Yes, we have an Athlete Lounge where our athletes can relax before or after a session.

Pro-time gives Triple F members access to our equipment at various times of the day in case they are unable to make it to a class. Members are required to register for Pro-time just as they would a class.

Facility FAQs

Yes, we offer Pro-time hours on Sundays. Please see the schedule for times.

Sports Med FAQs

Sports medicine does not only deal with the assessment and treatment of an apparent ailment, but also with the prevention of injury. For this reason we have licensed staff to focus on injury triage and treatment as well as mobility interventions, soft tissue mobilization, and inflammation reduction to ensure our athletes have a long and healthy career.

Scheduling appointments with the on-site PT can be done at our front desk.

Athlete FAQs

Though your athletes’ training volume will look different “in-season”, it is important and advantageous for them to utilize our mobility and recovery tools to assist in maximizing game-time performance. Recovery is truly the key to success during their competitive season.

Currently, we do not offer 1-on-1 sessions for athletes.

Yes! Following their in-depth athletic assessment, each athlete will receive log-in credentials to our online training platform where they will be able to see all of their upcoming programming to be performed during our classes.


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