Meet Nate Hoffmeister

General Manager

Nate Hoffmeister is a highly experienced coach and leader in the field of athletics. With a Bachelor of Science degree in kinesiology, as well as master’s degrees in education and sports management, Nate possesses a strong educational foundation to complement his practical expertise.

Having been a college athlete himself, Nate’s passion for training led him to pursue a career in coaching after his playing days were over. He has successfully trained athletes across various levels, ranging from high school and college to the professional ranks, including the NFL, NBA, LPGA, and the UFC.

Throughout his tenure as a high school strength coach, Nate has been instrumental in the success of numerous state championship teams in a wide range of sports. In addition to his coaching endeavors, Nate has a deep commitment to education and has spent the last decade teaching students of various age groups.

Leveraging his extensive experience, Nate currently serves as the Executive Director of the No Athlete Left Behind non-profit along with overseeing the home-school program. Nate will also have his hands in the adult program side along with the LTAD program for kids.


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