Sports Medicine

Triple F's Sports Medicine

Stay healthy. Stay strong. Stay in the game.

Our sports medicine team specializes in minimizing injuries so your athlete can maximize their time in the game.

Injury Triage / Treatment

All athletes will have access to a assessment and treatment of pain and injury by the Dr. Taylor Comford PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, Cert-CMFA, CSCS, Director of Sports Medicine. If it is determined that the injury requires a full physical therapy plan and/or rehabilitation of injury, Dr. Taylor Comford of Onward Physical Therapy-Knoxville will be available for on-site scheduling at a discounted rate. Taylor and his team of therapists provide your athlete with the most comprehensive care to promote a long and healthy athletic career.  

Mobility Interventions

The transition from sitting all day at school directly into after school sports practices can be rough on an athlete’s body. Not only are stiff joints and tight musculature uncomfortable, they put our athletes at greater risk for injury and poor performance. Following an athletic assessment, our team will put together a carefully curated set of both dynamic and static stretches to promote joint and muscular health in your athlete.

Soft-Tissue Mobilization

It is important that our athletes learn and understand how important prioritizing their recovery is for their long term athletic development. In order to limit soreness and fatigue (especially while in season), our athletes will have access to world class soft tissue mobility tools. These aid in the promotion of range of motion, blood flow, and healing.

Inflammation Reduction

Athletes will have access to various cryotherapy and compression tools designed to speed up the recovery process.

Onward Physical Therapy Knoxville

Dr. Taylor Comford is a physical therapist located in Knoxville, Tennessee. He received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2016. He is the only PT in the state of Tennessee who is board certified in both Orthopedics and Sports physical therapy. He is currently an adjunct faculty member with South College DPT program within the musculoskeletal department as an adjunct mentor. He served on faculty with Upstream Rehabilitation’s Sports residency program from 2019-2021. Working with the local minor league hockey team, Knoxville Ice Bears; and Physical Therapist with USA weightlifting since 2017. In 2021 he served on the medical team for the CrossFit semi-finals competition in Knoxville, TN. He has a passion to provide education and unique solutions to his patients in a one-on-one setting.

“From our first interaction I knew this was going to be an elite organization. The facility, the detail, and organization is top notch. What Triple F is doing is special and I’m excited to play my role, keeping these athletes healthy.”

Dr. Taylor Comford PT, DPT, OCS, SCS, CSCS, CERT CMFA