Adult Assessments


Adult Assessments

Athletic assessments are how we measure success and ensure you are on the correct path for your goals. Every 6 months, we assess 5 primary components of fitness including: power output, body composition, aerobic capacity, strength, and mobility. Each member has access to our state of the art technology including: Hawkin force plates, vitruve velocity based training devices, Polar heart rate monitors, and our body composition analyzer.

Athletic Qualities

  • Body Composition: Age, Biological Age, Gender, Weight, Height, and Body Fat % are all essential as a starting point for determining training needs. 

  • Flexibility: Using the Postural Readiness Evaluation (P.R.E.), an 8-test mobility screening, we are able to determine joint function and movement restrictions occurring at the local level. 

  • Strength: Upper, Lower, and Total body strength measurements are key to address force needs at the peripheral and neuromuscular level. We evaluate strength in reference to body weight and speed of the given load. 

  • Power: Using force plates and linear positional transducers, we are able to get full context on power output and the need for more force and/or velocity with jumping, pulling, and other major movement patterns. 

  • Aerobic Capacity: Using heart rate (HR) monitor technology while performing a set conditioning protocol allows us to evaluate overall cardiovascular fitness. The key metrics used are: Resting HR, HR Max, HR Recovery, and HR Avg.