Triple F Memberships

What's Included?

  • Unlimited sessions according to an individualized training plan to meet each athlete’s developmental needs that accommodates his or her schedule and calendar. 
  • Convenient sign up for the before and after school sessions through the Triple F app to accommodate your schedule.
  • Standardized assessments to establish and maintain a year-long training plan across 9 athletic qualities.
  • 4 total assessments in the year: Initial, August, December, and May. 
  • Regular consultation with clear expectations on goals and athlete needs. 
  • Offseason, Preseason, Inseason, and Postseason accommodations
  • Unlimited access to athlete lounge, locker room, turf, mobility zone, basketball court, outdoor training spaces, and weight room during pro-time hours
  • Access to the PT room and recovery corner during facility hours. 
  • Schedule 15 minute treatments with our licensed therapist on site. 
  • Discounts on 45 minute treatment with Dr. Taylor Comford at Triple F
  • Recovery shake provided after each training session
  • Athletes receive 1 snack a day from the fuel station 
  • Fundamental nutritional guide to meet athlete’s needs. 
  • Access to our nutritionist Betsy Johnson.
  • 15% off sport skill sessions and camps

$399 PER MONTH / Only 150 Spots Available