Knoxville's Elite Sports Training Facility

Triple F Elite Sports Training is a Professional Athletic Development Facility located in Knoxville, TN helping youth and adults achieve their athletic potential.


Triple F Elite Sports Training is the complete athletic development solution for Knoxville-area athletes. We provide professional level resources in a Christ-centered environment focused on the long-term development process. Based on an individualized, 12-month training plan, our system is designed to meet all specific needs that consider the most important variables: sport, age, gender, position, ability, health history, and schedule. Professional athletes are blessed to have access to the top strength and conditioning, sports medicine, and sports nutrition experts within their own organization. At Triple F, our mission is to provide the same industry-leading practices, in a professional level environment for the youth athlete to fully realize his or her athletic potential.

For $399/month, members will have unlimited access to the resources and training necessary at all times of the year, guided by our President of Training Operations, Rich Burnett, MS, SCCC, CSCS who has over a decade of experience training collegiate, high school, and middle athletes year-round. Whether it’s joint health and recovery-based during the grueling competitive season OR intense, high volume training typical of the offseason, our system will provide exactly what the student-athlete needs at the right time. Our before and after school training sessions are 30-90 minutes depending on athlete needs. In each session are multiple coaches designated in the 5 training spaces in our 12,000 sq/ft facility to differentiate training based on age, sport, and ability. Between training sessions, members have the option to relax/study in our lounge, access our fuel station, rejuvenate from sport stress in our recovery corner, schedule treatment with sports med, and access our sport skill trainers who are the best in the community.


Triple F is committed to developing student-Athletes athletically, for Christ’s Kingdom; According to structurally-sound PRINCIPLES, Implementing results-driven STRATEGIES, And Using evidence-based METHODS.



Being the best version of yourself and adding value to those around you. 

  • Faith is at the core of who we are and our character must reflect a heart for the Lord and for others. At Triple F, character will always weigh the most and we will be accountable for our words and our actions. 

Taking the guesswork out of the long-term growth plan.

    • There are many qualities that shape athleticism. We implement a 12-test assessment structure with standards to evaluate and establish an individualized training program.

Following the plan; doing the necessary work to develop athletically. 

    • Triple F also stands for Form, Force, and Function. Our training utilizes the best tools, drills, and technology to optimize these qualities in every session.

Having fun; genuine appreciation of the process.

    • Our business is athletic development but our heart is in creating peak moments and lasting memories. 11-18 youth athletes need to find joy in sport, and our goal is to manifest that joy!

Applying the methods and self-discipline to be prepared and to grow. 

    • Sleep, Nutrition, and Sports Medicine are fundamental to mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Student-athletes must commit to recovery, the right way.

Youth Membership Includes:

  • Individualized training in a group setting based on the athletes’ athleticism assessment results and needs. 
  • Various daily session times, year-round to accommodate busy schedules.
  • Convenient booking through the Triple F App.
  • Baseline standardized assessment to establish a individualized long-term athletic development plan.
  • 3 Assessments per year, which include detailed reports to show results.
  • During the competitive season, a modified plan is provided to ensure continued development.
  • We work with parents, coaches, therapists, and trainers as needed, to achieve balance in the athlete’s training/rehab schedule.
  • Post-injury return to play care and training modifications provided.
  • Treatment included with our on-site licensed therapist.
  • Access to state of the art recovery equipment during facility hours. 
  • Recovery shake provided after each training session.
  • Fundamental nutritional guide to meet athlete’s caloric needs and body weight goals.