Athletic Profile


Athletic Profile

At Triple F we start by creating a custom profile of each individual youth athlete from their initial assessment including: Height, Weight, Age, Biological Age, Flexibility, Strength, Power, Elasticity, Agility, Speed and Health History. These key metrics help us to truly understand the athlete both on and off the field to start a long-term development training program.

Athletic FORM

  • Next we analyze the athletes movement quality as well as their joint mobility and function. We utilize a variety of testing methodologies including:
    • Squat Analysis
    • Jump Analysis
    • 8 Mobility Measurements

Athletic FORCE

Force is a major benchmark for all sport types. Force is the measurement of the athlete’s strength both in a relative grade as well as a Load/Velocity Profile. Further evaluation takes into account the rate of force development to help in programming and tracking improvements.



Finally we take into account the athlete’s function. Function is a combination of the individuals’ Agility, Full-Spectrum Jump Profile, Sprint Profile, and overall fitness. Using Sports Science helps us to deliver a unique and individual plan but also helps to quantify results of long-term athletic development training.

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