Recovery & Nutrition


Applying the methods and self-discipline to be prepared and to grow.

Sleep, Nutrition, and Sports Medicine are fundamental to mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Student-athletes must commit to recovery, the right way.


  • Included in athlete membership: 
    • Recovery shake after each workout 
      • 8 oz serving (1 per day)
        • 20g of carbohydrate
        • 10g of protein
    • Weight gain/loss guide by our nutrition coach Betsy Johnson


Nutrition coaching and personalized programming is available with our ISSA certified nutrition fitness coach Betsy Johnson. Consultations may be scheduled at our front desk.

Betsy, is an ISSA certified nutrition coach who has a passion for exercise and nutrition. She has been involved in athletics her entire life, and uses her experience as a Nutrition Fitness Coach for seven years to help others achieve their goals.